Lighthouse basketball players sign with Tacoma CC

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A trio of Lighthouse Lions are headed to Tacoma, Washington to play college basketball.

Casper Block, Tyler Munsee and Logan Stephens signed in their individual homes on Wednesday, due to COVID-19.

Block is the reigning Sawtooth Conference MVP, after a monstrous season where he averaged nearly 21 points and 14 rebounds per game.

Munsee had to sit out his senior season, after suffering an injury in football. As a junior he had a similar season to block, when he averaged about 19 points and 14 boards.

Stephens scored almost 10 points per game, to go along with six point five boards.

Now Tacoma had a challenging season in the Northwest Athletic Conference.

But with the athleticism and talent of these boys, they might stand a fighting chance next year.

Block said of the NWAC, "it's kind of like our Sawtooth Conference, they don't get that much credit and you they get sprouts where they're super, super good and every team there is trying to compete." He added, "they're trying to prove themselves and you're trying to prove yourself as well and I think that's what make it so competitive."

"Ever since our season ended and we went on our trip to Tacoma, I've been getting up 1,200 shots in the gym and on off days, I've been lifting and strengthening my leg back to where I was before I was injured so," Munsee added.

"This is awesome, I don't think this has really happened before with three people going to the same college from the same school. This will be really good with our chemistry, just having that bond, just keep going," Stephens said.

These fellas helped the Lions win the 2019 state championship, following an undefeated, 26-0 season and in football, they were perfect as well, going 11-0.

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