Local pickleball players to compete at nationals

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Nine local pickleball players qualified for the National Senior Games next year in New Mexico.

These athletes medaled at the Idaho Senior Games last weekend in Boise.

Jill Skeem of Kimberly told us there were 20 different sports available.
Skeem won gold with Dede Morris from Hailey in their age bracket for doubles. While she and Steve Nelson of Twin Falls won the silver medal in mixed doubles.

Also advancing, Ken and Deann Campbell of Burley, Twin Falls' Jerry Michener, Buhl's Butch Quigley, Todd Molitor of Kimberly and Bruce Robinson of Twin Falls. Terry Kinkead qualified in golf.

"The venue was up in Boise at Settlers Park, which is a beautiful pickleball facility and it was outdoors, it was great, so I think Twin Falls was well-represented this year," Skeem explained.

Participant I could say I'm a pickleball addict, for sure. So I play at least three times a week and when we go winter down in Mexico, I do the same down there. Pickleball is really big in the area that we winter in so."

Nationals will take place next June. The senior games are for individuals 50 and over.

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