Magic Valley pair head to Spain for dart competition

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Two Magic Valley men are getting ready for the opportunity of a lifetime, heading to Spain to take part in the Radikal Darts International competition next year.

Chris Anderson and Zack Dutt both play darts in this picture from July 2019

“They hold qualifiers here around the United States. We went to Montana a month and a week ago, and they had a qualifier there, and me and him beat I think, 17, 18 other teams to go to Spain,” Chris Anderson explained.

Anderson and Zack Dutt make up the Sour Patch Kids team, and they’ve been playing darts for years.

“I've been throwing darts for five years, and I've been playing Radikal for about two,” Dutt stated.

“I've been playing for almost two years,” Anderson added.

And even though they've got a while before the competition.

“April 26 2020! Got that on my brain!” Anderson said laughing, and added that they’ll be spending that time practicing.

“Lot of practicing that we're going to do, I think in the next couple of season for our doubles, me and him we're going to continue being doubles partners, and hone our skills for Spain,” Anderson said, which is why people may see the pair practicing at places like Whiskey Creek or Bowladrome or even playing in other leagues.

Anderson and Dutt both play in three other leagues during the week, doubles, triples, and steels.

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