Minico Wrestling wins Tim Matthews Invite after dramatic finish

JEROME, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Championship round and for these contenders, they know each other very well.

Burley senior wrestler Tyler Mabey, winner of the 220 lb division said, "we know each other's strategy and what we do makes it more interesting when we face each other week."

"I've faced him before a few times, I feel like I put up my best fight and I ended up winning, I beat him so I was happy," explained No.1 ranked Austin Hatch of Twin Falls, the Tim Matthews Invitational champion in the heavyweight division.

Burley senior Tyler Mabey got the pin over Dawson Osterhout of Declo just over five minutes into the match. Mabey who went 1-2 last year at state in the 195 weight class, is ready for the challenge at 220.

Hatch finally pulled away from Jerome's Nathan Rivera to win by decision.

The Bruins as a team finished fourth. Hatch hopes to see more of his teammates in the final round.

Hatch said, "I like helping the younger guys, just wrestle with the younger guys to help them out and show them some moves. I really like the idea of having a solid overall team, rather than a few super good guys."

When the team results came in it was announced Jerome had won, Minico wanted a recount because the Spartans felt they won.

Minico was right as Michael Martindale gave the team the final push they needed in the final match by getting the consolation victory over Skyler Borrayo due to a disqualification.

Martindale said,"it's not the way anybody wants to win, I'd rather win by decision. A win is a win. Tuesday I passed out because I exerted myself too hard...It's really because I really want to be one of the best. I get downed on by some of my team members, but you know, it only builds me up because I have now passed some of the people who beat me."

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