Minico athlete breaks pole vault record

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The sport of pole vaulting is already exciting enough, but this Minico Spartan had the crowd going wild Friday afternoon.

Zayne Maughan broke a decades old record of 13'9". On Friday after qualifying for state, he decided to have some fun for his final jumps.

On his first attempt at 14', he nailed it and to the crowd's delight. Mind you, his personal record is 13'6".

So then the stakes were raised for this District IV champion. The first try at 14'3" didn't fare well. But he still had two more attempts to go. His body didn't clear the second attempt. One more for Maughan. He cleared the third attempt and now is the newest school-record holder in the boys pole vault for Minico High School.

Maughan on what worked for him, "mainly kind of just the weather and mentally getting into it, the mental block before. "It is hard to get past it mentally, just trying to compete and have fun," he added.

Minico pole vault coach Gary Mittelsteadt said, "he was in the shade most of the time, he's nervous. So I am calling out names and he's walking around. His first vault he qualified for state. Then we decided to have fun." He added, "he felt the energy and that was big."

Last year Maughan took 10th at state, now he's aiming for making podium next weekend.