Minico High School dancers prepare for Holiday Bowl performance

RUPERT, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) The Spartan Dance Force doesn't shy away from performing on the big stage. Every other year, these Minico dancers perform at the halftime show of college bowl games. This year they head to California for the Holiday Bowl.

The five–day long event takes time, energy and preparation. That last one being key.

In 2015, Minico was invited to perform at the Liberty Bowl in Tennessee, joined by teams from across the nation.

In each bowl game they attend, they work with choreographers and participate in daily rehearsals. You could call it a pageant if you want.

For Bailie Smith, she said. "I think over the years you get closer and you learn to be more as a family and we also learn the "dark side"...just because we're trying to wrangle up everything and get everything done."

For the next six weeks, the girls have to practice daily

"The one we did is really tough... It's really hard–hitting stuff, you can't go through with it like a flower."

And fundraise as much as possible. The cost per dancer is more than $1,000.

The girls have already sold candles and there are more fundraising opportunities ahead. Just contact Sandee Nelson at the high school.

They arrive in San Diego Tuesday, December 26th and leave the 30th. The Holiday Bowl is slated for December 28th at 6 pm.

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