Minico graduate heads to Saints rookie camp

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) From all the way back in the sixth grade, no one could stop Brady May.

"When I was a junior against Portland State, I led the team in tackles from special teams," May explained.

A two-time first-team All-American.

"He was always physical, when he ran the football, he ran people over," explained Minico head football coach Keelan McCaffrey.

The college graduate knew he wouldn't be drafted, the most anxious was finding out who would sign him afterwards.

May said, "so my agent texted me Saturday night and said hey it's going to be the Saints or Raiders and we were actually in church Sunday morning and my phone rang and it said it was in Louisiana."

Former Minico head football coach Tim Perrigot exclaimed, "I have been a Bronco fan my whole life, I might actually root for the Saints now." he added, "who dat going to tackle Brady May! "Nobody going to tackle Brady May."

Tim Perrigot was May's high school coach.

Perrigot said, "as a high school coach, you get to coach one or two of these kids every 20 years."

Keelan McCaffrey played with May in high school.

"You could tell when he was a freshman playing varsity football, there's something special and he was probably our best player that year and he was 14 years old," McCaffrey said.

A lot of memories made in that locker room and on the field.

May chuckled, "it was cold, we thought it was cold, everyone would be huddled around that heater, warming up helmets."

No matter what happens with his NFL career, may will always remember his roots.

"It doesn't matter what team you're playing on, what level you are, the best moments are when you're with the boys, you know," he added.

And the community that has supported him.

Perrigot said, "all of Spartan nation is cheering for him."

McCaffrey said, "hopefully he takes cares of business, we think he will and then we can a Saints jersey in here and that will look nice."

He's not the only Spartan to test the waters of the NFL. Rich Nielsen made the Washington Redskins roster in the early 1970's, while Lance Gibson got as far as the final preseason game of the season with the New York Jets in the early 2000's.

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