Minico sweeps Twin Falls in Legion baseball doubleheader

RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Whenever Minico and Twin Falls go to battle, it's always going to be a fun one. Now we're in the start of legion baseball, which is like high school baseball, but even more hyped up. On Thursday night we took you to Rupert.

Game one of the doubleheader started off late due to weather delays, but as you can see these fans came prepared.

Both teams scored all their runs so far in the third inning, Minico up 7-4 in the bottom of the sixth, Cannon Schow lays down a perfect bunt on the third base line, Sam Hoggarth can't get it off the bounce and Izzy Jones comes into score.

Top of the order and Carson Schow smacks a line drive towards Kolby Slagel, goes into center field, scoring on the play is Dawson Osterhout.
The Storm takes a 10-5 lead.

Three batters later, Kobe Matsen drills one into the gap, both Carson and Rylan Chandler score it's 12-5.

Matsen gets the win after going six innings and striking out 10. Schow had four RBI's, while Chandler produced three hits.

Magnum Hofstetter and Hoggarth both had two hits apiece in the loss.


Minico 5, Twin Falls 2: Rylan Chandler went five innings strong, giving up just two runs and striking out four. Kobe Matsen produced two hits and three RBI's.

Stutzman pitched a complete game for the Cowboys, taking the loss.