Minico wins Donnelley's Wood Bat Tournament

BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Burley Legion Baseball celebrated its tenth year of the Donnelley's Wood Bat Tournament.

Teams came from all over the state to battle hard in the early part of summer vacation.

The tourney even featured an upset as McKay Breshears pitched a solid game for Declo and they beat Minico the other night.

Not everyone could make it for all three days of the tournament, with all the different football camps taking place. Plus, the all–state showcase that occurred on Saturday at CSI.

Burley played Minico Saturday afternoon in the title game and the Storm won that one, 3–1.

"They're just playing really hard. They're sticking with the process, we didn't have a good school year for the wins, but we're starting to get a few wins right now. They're chasing foul balls and playing, really proud of the effort right now," Burley head coach Devin Kunz's on his team's performance right now.

The Green Sox hosts Wendell on Tuesday and then they travel to St. George for a four-day tournament starting Thursday.


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