Newly hired ISU associate head coach talks about transition, former team

POCATELLO, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The 2019-20 Idaho State Men's Basketball roster features ten Idaho natives, including two who played at CSI, Brayden Parker and Jaxon Edelmayer.

Former CSI head coach and current ISU associate head coach Jared Phay is in the process of selling his house in Twin Falls and getting settled in at the Pocatello school.

ISU is coming off an 11-19 year and obviously made dramatic changes for the upcoming year.

We asked Phay about taking so many CSI players and what he thinks about the state of his former junior college's program. He said the incoming sophomores are ready for this level, with the biggest draw of playing three years at the Division I level instead of two.

"Brayden Parker originally signed here so we got him. Malik Porter was a sophomore, so he needed to leave." Phay added, "I've been talking to Coach (Jeff) Reinert about some things he wants to do, he's been great about things, totally understanding, so it worked out that way. Coach Reinert is doing a great job bringing in new players, guys that doesn't necessarily have ties to me, but of course we love to recruit CSI players and get some guys from the league in other places as well."

Idaho State opens the season against Wyoming, which features former CSI great, Jake Hendricks.