Pair of 4A wrestlers bring home hardware after dominant seasons

NAMPA, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Kase Mauger made history for Twin Falls Saturday, becoming the first ever Bruin to become a three-time state champion.

The Utah Valley commit won his first three matches via falls and then the championship round was a technical fall after five minutes and the score 22-5 over Esai Castaneda of Blackfoot in the 132 weight class.

Mauger said, "I'd like to thank all my coaches, my parents, Coach Delchev, my high school coach Skidmore, my future college I'm going to, they've helped me train and get where I need to be, so."

As a freshman, Mauger won the state title in the 106 weight class, before defeating Gabriel Taboa of Jerome in the 120 weight class last year, in a tight 4-2 decision.

Now for Taboa's accomplishment.

The junior from Jerome just completed an undefeated season, culminated with the championship in the 126 weight class.

He faced Alex Edelblute of Lakeland in the final, but Taboa gained control from the beginning, even with Edeblute starting to chip away at the deficit.

Taboa explained, "just trying to wear him down, so that way I could keep it going." "For sure it was possible had to go get, I didn't work hard enough last year, but I think I worked pretty hard this year to go get it."

4A 98
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dedrick Navarro of Nampa
2nd Place - Payton Hernandez of Columbia
3rd Place - David Scott of Columbia
4th Place - Devyn Greenland of Century
5th Place - Francisco Zagal of Twin Falls
6th Place - Kaiden Rubash of Jerome
1st Place Match
Dedrick Navarro (Nampa) 47-2, Fr. over Payton Hernandez (Columbia) 18-5, Fr. (Dec 9-4)
3rd Place Match
David Scott (Columbia) 49-12, Fr. over Devyn Greenland (Century) 43-15, Fr. (Fall 4:01)
5th Place Match
Francisco Zagal (Twin Falls) 27-8, So. over Kaiden Rubash (Jerome) 26-14, Fr. (Dec 10-6)

4A 106
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Christopher Martino of Bishop Kelly
2nd Place - Simon Alberto Luna of Nampa
3rd Place - Anderson White of Kuna
4th Place - Alejandro Avila of Caldwell
5th Place - Izzy Ixta of Minico
6th Place - Ryan Nuno of Bonneville
1st Place Match
Christopher Martino (Bishop Kelly) 40-2, So. over Simon Alberto Luna (Nampa) 45-7, Fr. (MD 10-2)
3rd Place Match
Anderson White (Kuna) 41-11, Fr. over Alejandro Avila (Caldwell) 42-11, So. (Dec 5-1)
5th Place Match
Izzy Ixta (Minico) 39-12, So. over Ryan Nuno (Bonneville) 36-22, Fr. (Dec 3-2)

4A 113
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Hunter Bidelman of Caldwell
2nd Place - Kolton Stacey of Shelley
3rd Place - Simon Graeber of Columbia
4th Place - Aidan Go of Caldwell
5th Place - Kobie Jewett of Mountain Home
6th Place - Kyle DeRoche of Shelley
1st Place Match
Hunter Bidelman (Caldwell) 16-2, Fr. over Kolton Stacey (Shelley) 53-2, Jr. (Dec 8-5)
3rd Place Match
Simon Graeber (Columbia) 45-11, So. over Aidan Go (Caldwell) 34-14, So. (Dec 9-5)
5th Place Match
Kobie Jewett (Mountain Home) 37-16, Sr. over Kyle DeRoche (Shelley) 36-22, Sr. (Fall 0:21)

4A 120
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Michael Mitchell of Kuna
2nd Place - Nikko Gonzalez of Nampa
3rd Place - Anieas Rivera of Kuna
4th Place - Adrian Mendez of Jerome
5th Place - Gabe Blessinger of Pocatello
6th Place - Clancy Mummert of Twin Falls
1st Place Match
Michael Mitchell (Kuna) 48-1, Jr. over Nikko Gonzalez (Nampa) 32-13, Fr. (Dec 8-2)
3rd Place Match
Anieas Rivera (Kuna) 9-2, So. over Adrian Mendez (Jerome) 38-12, Sr. (Dec 8-4)
5th Place Match
Gabe Blessinger (Pocatello) 14-4, Jr. over Clancy Mummert (Twin Falls) 37-20, So. (MD 17-6)

4A 126
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Gabriel Taboa of Jerome
2nd Place - Alex Edelblute of Lakeland
3rd Place - Jacob Scott of Columbia
4th Place - Victor Martinez of Nampa
5th Place - Ryeker Andersen of Century
6th Place - Christian Sotelo of Caldwell
1st Place Match
Gabriel Taboa (Jerome) 46-0, Jr. over Alex Edelblute (Lakeland) 43-11, Sr. (Dec 9-5)
3rd Place Match
Jacob Scott (Columbia) 28-9, Jr. over Victor Martinez (Nampa) 36-15, Sr. (Dec 5-0)
5th Place Match
Ryeker Andersen (Century) 48-14, Sr. over Christian Sotelo (Caldwell) 15-11, Sr. (Dec 4-3)

4A 132
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Kase Mauger of Twin Falls
2nd Place - Esai Castaneda of Blackfoot
3rd Place - Skyler Watson of Columbia
4th Place - Xander Thompson of Century
5th Place - Kayson Kenney of Idaho Falls
6th Place - August Pena of Caldwell
1st Place Match
Kase Mauger (Twin Falls) 41-2, Sr. over Esai Castaneda (Blackfoot) 44-9, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:00 (22-5))
3rd Place Match
Skyler Watson (Columbia) 39-14, Sr. over Xander Thompson (Century) 42-19, Jr. (Dec 10-6)
5th Place Match
Kayson Kenney (Idaho Falls) 43-7, Jr. over August Pena (Caldwell) 23-10, So. (Fall 3:39)

4A 138
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Dante Roggio of Kuna
2nd Place - Canyon Mansfield of Century
3rd Place - Riley Siegford of Lakeland
4th Place - Austin Despain of Blackfoot
5th Place - Matthew Allison of Kuna
6th Place - Armando Juarez of Caldwell
1st Place Match
Dante Roggio (Kuna) 45-1, Jr. over Canyon Mansfield (Century) 37-2, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Riley Siegford (Lakeland) 47-10, Jr. over Austin Despain (Blackfoot) 46-14, Sr. (Dec 3-0)
5th Place Match
Matthew Allison (Kuna) 21-17, Sr. over Armando Juarez (Caldwell) 25-9, Sr. (Dec 8-4)

4A 145
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Preston Owens of Kuna
2nd Place - David Seamons of Preston
3rd Place - John Kallmeyer of Kuna
4th Place - Quinn Rodriguez of Ridgevue
5th Place - Dawson Osterhout of Minico
6th Place - Dylan Forrest of Ridgevue
1st Place Match
Preston Owens (Kuna) 47-2, Jr. over David Seamons (Preston) 40-10, Sr. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Place Match
John Kallmeyer (Kuna) 22-11, Sr. over Quinn Rodriguez (Ridgevue) 26-17, Sr. (Fall 1:46)
5th Place Match
Dawson Osterhout (Minico) 22-8, Jr. over Dylan Forrest (Ridgevue) 27-18, Jr. (MD 10-1)

4A 152
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Angel Rios of Columbia
2nd Place - Kyle Austin of Middleton
3rd Place - Rhonin Edwards of Lakeland
4th Place - Jacob Herrboldt of Mountain Home
5th Place - Cael Palmer of Kuna
6th Place - Lee Nyblade of Burley
1st Place Match
Angel Rios (Columbia) 50-2, Sr. over Kyle Austin (Middleton) 39-10, Sr. (MD 12-4)
3rd Place Match
Rhonin Edwards (Lakeland) 44-13, Sr. over Jacob Herrboldt (Mountain Home) 36-11, Sr. (Dec 9-4)
5th Place Match
Cael Palmer (Kuna) 39-17, So. over Lee Nyblade (Burley) 36-15, Sr. (MD 8-0)

4A 160
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Easton Millward of Century
2nd Place - Ryan Quimby of Lakeland
3rd Place - Taylor Balmforth of Shelley
4th Place - Adrian Martinez of Columbia
5th Place - Baylon Shirley of Canyon Ridge
6th Place - Austin Blevins of Nampa
1st Place Match
Easton Millward (Century) 55-5, Jr. over Ryan Quimby (Lakeland) 23-5, Sr. (Dec 7-4)
3rd Place Match
Taylor Balmforth (Shelley) 46-8, Sr. over Adrian Martinez (Columbia) 34-13, Jr. (Dec 3-1)
5th Place Match
Baylon Shirley (Canyon Ridge) 21-6, Sr. over Austin Blevins (Nampa) 40-13, Sr. (Dec 14-9)

4A 170
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Colton Boettcher of Lakeland
2nd Place - Zuriel Angulo of Vallivue
3rd Place - Jackson Huskey of Bishop Kelly
4th Place - Dominic Bush-Bly of Vallivue
5th Place - Matt Bakes of Century
6th Place - Micheal Edwards of Blackfoot
1st Place Match
Colton Boettcher (Lakeland) 42-5, Sr. over Zuriel Angulo (Vallivue) 28-8, Sr. (Fall 1:51)
3rd Place Match
Jackson Huskey (Bishop Kelly) 40-9, Sr. over Dominic Bush-Bly (Vallivue) 37-8, Jr. (SV-1 11-6)
5th Place Match
Matt Bakes (Century) 26-13, Sr. over Micheal Edwards (Blackfoot) 32-10, So. (Fall 4:14)

4A 182
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Layne Feasel Dalton of Emmett
2nd Place - Nick Chappell of Blackfoot
3rd Place - Sovan San of Nampa
4th Place - Marcus Robinson of Mountain Home
5th Place - Jovon Howe of Idaho Falls
6th Place - John White of Lakeland
1st Place Match
Layne Feasel Dalton (Emmett) 36-3, Jr. over Nick Chappell (Blackfoot) 44-5, Sr. (Dec 5-4)
3rd Place Match
Sovan San (Nampa) 38-13, Sr. over Marcus Robinson (Mountain Home) 50-14, Jr. (Dec 5-2)
5th Place Match
Jovon Howe (Idaho Falls) 34-9, Jr. over John White (Lakeland) 31-17, Jr. (Dec 5-1)

4A 195
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Matthew Boone of Bonneville
2nd Place - Jayden Paul of Burley
3rd Place - Jake Johnson of Emmett
4th Place - Skeet Newton of Twin Falls
5th Place - Joseph Stevenson of Jerome
6th Place - Riley Robinson of Century
1st Place Match
Matthew Boone (Bonneville) 47-2, Sr. over Jayden Paul (Burley) 37-8, Sr. (Fall 4:59)
3rd Place Match
Jake Johnson (Emmett) 38-6, Sr. over Skeet Newton (Twin Falls) 40-14, So. (Dec 7-6)
5th Place Match
Joseph Stevenson (Jerome) 38-16, Jr. over Riley Robinson (Century) 21-13, Jr. (Fall 3:51)

4A 220
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Nico Rodriguez of Columbia
2nd Place - Logan Kearney of Moscow
3rd Place - Taggert Benefield of Sandpoint
4th Place - Porter Wright of Jerome
5th Place - James Striet of Vallivue
6th Place - Campbell Hicks of Century
1st Place Match
Nico Rodriguez (Columbia) 29-1, So. over Logan Kearney (Moscow) 12-5, Jr. (Dec 2-0)
3rd Place Match
Taggert Benefield (Sandpoint) 10-3, Jr. over Porter Wright (Jerome) 34-13, Jr. (Fall 0:14)
5th Place Match
James Striet (Vallivue) 21-8, Jr. over Campbell Hicks (Century) 40-15, Jr. (Fall 0:48)

4A 285
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Mauricio Gonzalez of Century
2nd Place - Gavin Heindel of Kuna
3rd Place - Miguel Perez of Caldwell
4th Place - Zane Lovell of Nampa
5th Place - Austen Hensley of Columbia
6th Place - Gerrardo Duran of Century
1st Place Match
Mauricio Gonzalez (Century) 37-10, Sr. over Gavin Heindel (Kuna) 50-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Miguel Perez (Caldwell) 53-10, Fr. over Zane Lovell (Nampa) 32-13, So. (Fall 4:46)
5th Place Match
Austen Hensley (Columbia) 37-22, Sr. over Gerrardo Duran (Century) 36-14, Jr. (Fall 2:21)