Pomerelle hosts 20th 'Pounder' race

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MALTA, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Mountain bikers hit the trails at Pomerelle this weekend to take part in the 20th annual Pomerelle Pounder.

The event brings in mountain bikers, mostly from Utah, to Pomerelle ski resort to race during a two day event.

The main event, the Pounder, represents a mile long course that drops 1,000 vertical feet.

Several of the riders explained what sets the course apart from others.

"The course is dusty, and steep and awesome. I love it,” Stated racer Lia Westermann

"It's dusty. It's rowdy, it's sick," rider Zoe Stelle stated.

Racer Ryan Mcelemon explained that "the dirt here in Pomerelle is really, really unique. It's kinds of like an angel dust, just like fairy dust, you could just blow it and it's just a big cloud."

90 racers participated this year, marking a normal turnout.

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