Porter Mecham named 1A D2 Player of the Year

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CAREY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Carey Panthers finally found their groove which led them to a 1A DII state championship.

One of the weapons in Carey's artillery was junior Porter Mecham.

Meacham a running back and linebacker rushed for 1,176 years and 15 touchdowns with 6 receiving touchdowns. On defense he made 109 tackles including 11 for a loss.

With a stat sheet with that repertoire it's no surprised he has found himself with the 1A DII Player of the Year honor.

Giving all the thanks for his personal accomplishments to the team. Winning the state trophy is something he will never forget and one lay in particular he will always remember.

“One of the big moments, it just sticks out to me and always comes back when I think about the game. It was one of the fourth downs, the game was pretty close at that point. The quarterback Houston Hennefer, he just looks at me, looks me straight in the eye and he says, Porter can you promise me that you’ll get this first down? I thought about it and it took me like five seconds and I told him yeah, yeah I can get this first down. He gave me the ball and I ended up getting ten yards, so I got the first down. But it just really stands out to me,” Mecham said.

Looking to next season, Porter realized he is going to have to step up as a leader just like those before him. He’s excited to work harder in the off-season to get back on the grid-iron and continue to leave a Carey football legacy.