Sun Valley Community School contains Bliss' biggest weapon to win state championship; local scores

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) For Bliss and the Sun Valley Community School Boys Soccer teams, playing one another has become a common occurrence. You see they met up three times this season prior to state.

Now for the first time since 2003, two High Desert teams are playing for the championship, meaning these familiar foes want this win more than ever.

The number three, how many victories Sun Valley Community School collected over Bliss prior to Saturday's championship.

"It's really difficult beating a team four times in one season," exclaimed Cutthroats head coach Richard Whitelaw.

Bliss scored first on this perfectly placed free kick by their star player, Steven Rubio. Keeper Meeks Sanchez–Dupont can't believe it. Rubio collects his fifth goal of the tournament.

Sun Valley junior forward Cash Dart said, "they're really skillful on the ball, so it's really important that you don't them give an inch because if you do, they'll punish you on their free kick."

Fellow Cutthroat Ridley Lindstrom chimed in, "we always try to mark him (Rubio) he's like the main guy on their offense and we try to find a way to shut him down."

Lindstrom answered roughly 13 minutes later. On this pass he's got some room, passes to Dart, who falls, gets back up, finds Lindstrom and the junior delivers, through the legs of Jesse Swift.

"Cash stumbled. It ended up at my feet, then I got the lefty into the back of the net."

The Cutthroats haven't won the state tournament since 1999, while Bliss was seeking its first ever title. The parents knew what it takes for their teams to win.

"We love the Cutthroats, we love playing the Cutthroats, stay strong and stay aggressive," explained Bliss midfielder Kaleb Gabriel's mom, Liz Lindo.

Lara Morawitz, mother of Sun Valley co-captain Peter Morawitz and Mia Cherp, mother of Sun Valley co-captain Henry Cherp added, "their spirit and their grit, they're awesome, yeah they dig deep. They're playing their hearts out, it's been so much fun."

Dart shortly after got to join Lindstrom in scoring, as this little dribbler somehow got past Alan Cordova. The Cutthroats took a 2-1 lead into the break and after that, they shut down the Bliss scoring attack.

Whitelaw added, "we played really well." "We dominated, we kept possession, we limited him (Rubio) on the outside and really didn't let him sniff a goal."

For Rubio, he said, "just trying to execute my shot, but with the strong defense they put on me was difficult, I kept trying to poke and poke, but the only opportunities I got were from a free kick."

The Cutthroats are the champions for the first time since 1999, after winning 3-1.

They also won in 1993 and 1999 before soccer was sanctioned by the IHSAA.


Filer 1, Bonners Ferry 0: The Wildcats claim third place in overtime on the goal by Cody Ruiz.


Sun Valley Community School 3, Marsh Valley 1

Twin Falls 4, Skyline 2: This marks the highest finish for the Bruins. They went into a shoot out with Skyline and credit Paige Beem, Madison Hicks, McKenna Todd and Kaylin Bailey, who all converted their shots.

Bruins head coach Katie Kauffman said in regard to the accomplishment, "always hope to bring home the championship but third feels pretty great considering the age of our team and the fact that we had to play BK (Bishop Kelly) in the semis."

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