Thursday's sports roundup

Published: Dec. 20, 2019 at 9:03 AM MST
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Lighthouse 50, Declo 48

Lighthouse coach Antthony Standlee exclaimed, "it was a physical game to say the least, both teams were battling the whole time! It came down to the end with possessing the ball and making free throws which we did just enough to win. Declo is a good big team and is coached very well!"

Leading the way for the Lions, Casper Block produced a double-double with 11 points and 12 rebounds, Alex Shetler chipped in 12 and Collin Holloway paced the team with 15 points. Declo was paced by Garrett Powell with 15 and Tyler Andreason and Sam Mallory both have 14.


Twin Falls 58, Canyon Ridge 17: Reagen Rex paced the Bruins with 14 points, while Makayla Rodriguez added 10 points and nine rebounds. Rex was 10/12 from the free throw line.

Filer 45, Gooding 41: Filer's Lexi Monson led all scorers with 17. Ella Fischer had 10 points and Jaz Smothers added 8.


Kimberly vs. Buhl

Buhl (BUHL) 54.0 Kimberly (KIMB) 15.0

98: Marshall Mortensen (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.) 106: Daylen Peyman (BUHL) over Dallin Walters (KIMB) (Fall 1:40) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over Tegan Newlan (KIMB) (Fall 1:42) 120: Jonah Bacon (KIMB) over Chance Bennett (BUHL) (Dec 10-4) 126: Jayce Bower (BUHL) over Preston Shaw (KIMB) (Fall 0:45) 132: Wesley Pearson (BUHL) over Tristian Cota (KIMB) (Fall 1:11) 138: Trace Nielsen (BUHL) over Gage Carter (KIMB) (Dec 6-2) 145: Alan Jaramillo (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.) 152: David Tennant (BUHL) over Ethan Coy (KIMB) (Dec 14-10) 160: Trace Mayo (KIMB) over Jesse Dominguez (BUHL) (Fall 1:42) 170: Tate Douglas (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Double Forfeit 220: Zach Gunnell (KIMB) over Demetrio Canchola (BUHL) (Fall 2:23) 285: Moises Salazar (BUHL) over (KIMB) (For.)

Filer vs. Buhl (Buhl High School)

Buhl (BUHL) 60.0 Filer (FILE) 18.0

98: Marshall Mortensen (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 106: Daylen Peyman (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 113: Taylor Hood (BUHL) over Lauren Henderhan (FILE) (Fall 5:30) 120: Chance Bennett (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 126: Jayce Bower (BUHL) over Darold Hart (FILE) (Fall 1:05) 132: Wesley Pearson (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 138: Jaimen Swainston (FILE) over Trace Nielsen (BUHL) (Fall 1:59) 145: Alan Jaramillo (BUHL) over Elliot Pastoor (FILE) (Fall 0:53) 152: David Tennant (BUHL) over Elliott Jack (FILE) (Fall 0:32) 160: Salvador Plascencia (FILE) over Jesse Dominguez (BUHL) (Fall 2:09) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Owenn Meyer (FILE) over (BUHL) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Demetrio Canchola (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.) 285: Moises Salazar (BUHL) over (FILE) (For.)

Kimberly (KIMB) 48.0 Filer (FILE) 15.0 (Buhl High School)

98: Double Forfeit 106: Dallin Walters (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 113: Tegan Newlan (KIMB) over Lauren Henderhan (FILE) (Fall 1:10) 120: Jonah Bacon (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 126: Preston Shaw (KIMB) over Darold Hart (FILE) (Fall 3:38) 132: Tristian Cota (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 138: Jaimen Swainston (FILE) over Gage Carter (KIMB) (Dec 6-0) 145: Arath Chavez (FILE) over (KIMB) (For.) 152: Ethan Coy (KIMB) over Elliott Jack (FILE) (Fall 3:27) 160: Trace Mayo (KIMB) over Salvador Plascencia (FILE) (Fall 1:31) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Owenn Meyer (FILE) over (KIMB) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Zach Gunnell (KIMB) over Joey McKay (FILE) (Fall 2:42) 285: Double Forfeit

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