Twin Falls golfer moves into RV to pursue PGA Tour dreams

Published: Sep. 10, 2018 at 5:55 PM MDT
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Travis Hofland, a PGA professional at Twin Falls Golf Club has called "Muni" his work home for 21 years. He got his start at 14 years-old.

His girlfriend Nikki Wohlers keeps him fit.

Wohlers said, "I make him get in the gym and then he gets a green smoothie in the mornings and gets his protein shakes and nuts on the course." "He doesn't like to eat."

Hofland chimed in. "so basically everything your mom told you to do like go to the gym and eat right, that's what Nikki is there for."

So Travis, it's been about 10 months since you and Nikki decided to downsize and move everything into your motorhome, how is that working for you?

"It's been working good, anybody that has been following me on Facebook and Instagram know that I've been all over the place this summer."

They've branded their journey as Our Wheel Home.

"We've played in a lot of events, playing in Salt Lake, Canada and Arizona, we've definitely been on the move," Hofland explained. "We probably couldn't have done that if we stayed in our house."

Golf is a mental game, which is just as important as the physical aspect. But making a change to the RV lifestyle took some discipline.

"First thing we did was get rid of all our stuff, if we haven't worn it in year it had to go," Hofland said.

Social media followers know Hofland's ups and downs on the course,

The support has been humbling and the people that have followed me already are giving me their two cents.

Hofland took second in the Rocky Mountain Sectional, qualifying for the PGA Professional Championship in March.

But his tournament fees can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

Hofland said, "going forward we have the Tour in October, that one in particular is $5,000."

That's where September's fundraiser at the Twin Falls Golf Club comes in handy.

"The big thing I want is to follow along and enjoy the journey with us. Anytime that you're doing something that you might be spread to do or that's difficult, you need the support."

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