Valley takes top honors in all-conference volleyball list

HAZELTON, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) In the 1A D-I ranks, the Coach of the Year is Katie Clark from Valley and the Player of the Year is also a Viking, Bailey Stephens.

Clark on Stephens, "she is really confident in the back row, talks a lot more about things going on in the game, people rely on her a lot to make a play, reads the hitters really well, and is one of the most consistent players I’ve seen in a while."

The rest of the first team is as follows, Kayzia Gillette (12) from Oakley, Katrina Marsh (12) of Shoshone, Macie Larsen (10) and Kamri Ottley (12) from Raft River, to go along with Justyce Schilz (10) and Railey Hodges (11) of Valley.

Second Team:

Katie Perry: 11, Shoshone
Hogan Burns: 11, Valley
Olivia Campbell: 12, Raft River
Lyzan Gillette: 11, Oakley
Lacee Power: 9, Oakley
Karlie Chapman 9, Shoshone

Honorable Mention:

Kylee Salvesen: 11, Valley
Cierra Nielson: 12, Glenns Ferry
TaJah Galloska: 12, Glenns Ferry
Greta Morgan: 11, Valley

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