Wednesday's sports roundup

TWIN FALLS, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Here's your Wednesday roundup with scores and stats reported by area coaches.


Twin Falls 54, Wood River: Mitchell Brizee had 10 points for the Bruins.

Burley 77, Canyon Ridge 61

Minico 54, Jerome 41: Kobe Matsen led the Spartans with 23 and Hetherington added 15. Bell scored 10 for the Tigers.

Declo 63, Buhl 49: Keegan Duncan posted a game-high 28 points.

Valley 64, Wendell 31: Hardy lead all scorers with 18 and teammate Mussman chipped in 14 for the Vikings. Pacing the Trojans Espino who had 11.


Hagerman 48, Dietrich 44: Alana Floyd produced 20 points and Elly Yore added 15 for the Pirates. Leading the Blue Devils, Brianna Astle with 11 and Quincy Christiansrn added 10.

Shoshone 47, Murtaugh 32: Bailee Owens scored 18 points for the Lady Indians.


Canyon Ridge 10 Jerome 4
High Scores:
Carson Hasher CR 216
Aaron Hollon Jerome 154

Canyon Ridge 13 Jerome 1
High Scores:
Ravyn Barela CR 171
Celeste Ramos Jerome 135

Gooding vs. Declo
9 5
High score Alexius Brass 164 (Gooding)
Gooding vs. Minico
2 12
High score Alexius Brass 164 (Gooding)
Gooding Vs. Burley
1 13
High score Alex 168 (Burley)


Kimberly (KIMB) 54.00 Wendell (WEND) 30.00
132: Dale Schoth (WEND) over Julian Rocha (KIMB) (Fall 5:00) 138: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over Teegan Dunn (WEND) (Fall 3:20) 145: Carson Schvaneveldt (KIMB) over Keevan Lindsay (WEND) (Fall 2:39) 152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Cole Jacobson (WEND) (Fall 0:21) 160: Alan Palmer (KIMB) over Ethan Priebe (WEND) (Fall 0:42) 170: Jake Hardy (KIMB) over (WEND) (For.) 182: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over (WEND) (For.) 195: Enoch Smith (WEND) over (KIMB) (For.) 220: Eric Cisneros (KIMB) over (WEND) (For.) 285: Tito Garcia (KIMB) over (WEND) (For.) 98: Quay Lindsay (WEND) over Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) (Fall 3:47) 106: Tristian Cota (KIMB) over (WEND) (For.) 113: Kyle Sears (WEND) over (KIMB) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Raphael Roque (WEND) over Brogan Jackson (KIMB) (Fall 3:38)

Kimberly (KIMB) 63.00 Filer (FILE) 12.00
126: Edward Pastoor (FILE) over Brogan Jackson (KIMB) (Fall 0:00) 132: Travis Erickson (KIMB) over Samuel Taylor (FILE) (Fall 2:00) 138: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 145: Carson Schvaneveldt (KIMB) over Austin Graham (FILE) (Fall 0:00) 152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Taylor Cobabe (FILE) (Fall 0:00) 160: Alan Palmer (KIMB) over Owenn Meyer (FILE) (Fall 0:00) 170: Jake Hardy (KIMB) over Skyler Moore (FILE) (Fall 4:47) 182: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over Davis Fisher (FILE) (Fall 4:00) 195: Andrew Kalbfleish (FILE) over (KIMB) (For.) 220: Eric Cisneros (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 285: Tito Garcia (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 98: Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) over Dakota Graham (FILE) (SV-1 4-2) 106: Tristian Cota (KIMB) over (FILE) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Double Forfeit

Kimberly (KIMB) 54.00 Raft River (RARI) 21.00
98: Hunter Anderson (RARI) over Tristian Cota (KIMB) (Dec 10-7) 106: Brogan Leckenby (KIMB) over (RARI) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Hadley Severe (RARI) over (KIMB) (For.) 126: Brogan Jackson (KIMB) over Brodey Ottley (RARI) (Fall 1:06) 132: Ethan Bernad (RARI) over Julian Rocha (KIMB) (Fall 1:17) 138: Riley Hallett (KIMB) over (RARI) (For.) 145: Carson Schvaneveldt (KIMB) over Gamma Salgado (RARI) (Fall 0:45) 152: Michael Coy (KIMB) over Carson Durfee (RARI) (Fall 0:30) 160: Alan Palmer (KIMB) over Beau Southern (RARI) (Fall 1:21) 170: Hunter O`Berg (KIMB) over (RARI) (For.) 182: Jake Hardy (KIMB) over Teegan Grush (RARI) (Fall 1:01) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Taylen Grush (RARI) over Eric Cisneros (KIMB) (Fall 2:22) 285: Tito Garcia (KIMB) over (RARI) (For.)

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