Wendell Boys Basketball can't break lengthy losing streak; local roundup

WENDELL, Idaho ( KMVT / KSVT ) Second–ranked Valley visited Wendell Thursday night. The Trojan boys haven't won a game since March 5, 2016.

Ben Christensen goes hard off the glass, Vikings up three in the second quarter.

Moments later, same score, Alex Korom works it inside to Nic Anderson and the big man is credited with the bucket.

Valley takes a five point lead. But Wendell is not going away, Don Bunn creates some positioning and he goes up for the easy layup.

Sadly Wendell's first victory in a year and a half will have to wait as the Vikings pulled away, 49–35.

Christensen and Elorieta had 13 for Valley.


Minico 57, Pocatello 39 (SPARTANS: Kobi Madsen 18, Carpenter 12, Larry Vega 11)

Wood River 33, Buhl 20: (WOLVERINES: Johnny Radford 12 INDIANS: Payton Rodig 8)

Twin Falls Christian Academy 72, Murtaugh 71 (OT) (WARRIORS: Wiest 22 RED DEVILS: Miranda 24, Zavala 15, Smith 12, McClure 11)

Hagerman 59, Castleford 57 (PIRATES: Osbourne 26, Owsley 19 WOLVES: Shawn Poulsen 15, Emanuel Moreno 13)


Murtaugh 38, Twin Falls Christian Academy 34


Raft River @ Buhl on 12/06/2017.

Buhl (BUHL) 69.00 Raft River (RARI) 15.00
98: Chance Bennett (BUHL) over (RARI) (For.) 106: Devin Rowland (BUHL) over Hunter Anderson (RARI) (Fall 0:57) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over (RARI) (For.) 120: Slade Peyman (BUHL) over Hadley Severe (RARI) (Fall 0:03) 126: Eli Dover (BUHL) over Brodey Ottley (RARI) (Fall 0:08) 132: Wesley Kliegl (BUHL) over Ryan Nelson (RARI) (Fall 2:35) 138: David Razo (BUHL) over Dixon Fehlman (RARI) (Fall 0:59) 145: Jim Vega (BUHL) over Wyatt Sessions (RARI) (Fall 2:12) 152: Trieg Christensen (BUHL) over Carson Durfee (RARI) (Fall 1:56) 160: Anibal Barragan (BUHL) over Beau Southern (RARI) (Fall 2:18) 170: Denzil Lloyd (RARI) over Brodie Winson (BUHL) (Fall 1:22) 182: Theron Christensen (BUHL) over Traven Hansen (RARI) (Dec 13-7) 195: Fabian Barragan (BUHL) over Cache Harper (RARI) (Fall 1:27) 220: Taylen Grush (RARI) over Edgar Gonzalez (BUHL) (Dec 5-4) 285: Jerry Guerrero (RARI) over (BUHL) (For.)

Buhl @ Oakley on 12/06/2017.

Buhl (BUHL) 69.00 Oakley (OAKL) 12.00
98: Chance Bennett (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 106: Devin Rowland (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 120: Slade Peyman (BUHL) over Erikc Koellen (OAKL) (Fall 0:36) 126: David Tennant (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 132: Adam Mings (BUHL) over Skylar Koyle (OAKL) (Dec 4-0) 138: Sam Mitton (OAKL) over David Razo (BUHL) (Fall 4:31) 145: levi jackson (OAKL) over Jim Vega (BUHL) (Fall 0:01) 152: Trieg Christensen (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 160: Anibal Barragan (BUHL) over Kade Toribau (OAKL) (Fall 5:18) 170: Brodie Winson (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 182: Theron Christensen (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 195: Samuel Sullivan (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 220: Edgar Gonzalez (BUHL) over (OAKL) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit

American Falls @ Buhl on 12/06/2017.

Buhl (BUHL) 58.00 American Falls (AMFA) 21.00
98: Cooper Evans (AMFA) over Chance Bennett (BUHL) (Dec 7-5) 106: Devin Rowland (BUHL) over Aldo Ledesma (AMFA) (MD 15-1) 113: Kade Orr (BUHL) over Jackson Beck (AMFA) (Fall 0:00) 120: Slade Peyman (BUHL) over Tanner Hansen (AMFA) (Fall 0:45) 126: David Tennant (BUHL) over Jose Jamie (AMFA) (Fall 2:57) 132: Adam Mings (BUHL) over (AMFA) (For.) 138: Wesley Kliegl (BUHL) over (AMFA) (For.) 145: David Razo (BUHL) over Francisco Torres (AMFA) (Fall 1:34) 152: Boone Giulio (AMFA) over Trieg Christensen (BUHL) (Fall 1:19) 160: Anibal Barragan (BUHL) over Jordan Stucki (AMFA) (Fall 1:50) 170: Luka Schneider (AMFA) over Brodie Winson (BUHL) (Fall 1:51) 182: Theron Christensen (BUHL) over Alfredo Flores (AMFA) (Fall 0:17) 195: Samuel Sullivan (BUHL) over Armando Reyes (AMFA) (Fall 0:19) 220: Wyatt Kearn (AMFA) over Edgar Gonzalez (BUHL) (Fall 0:53) 285: Double Forfeit


Minico def. Jerome 14-0
High Individual Minico Moriah Pinther 221
Jerome Tiffany Bryant 121

Minico Def. Jerome 14-0
High Individual Logan Tibbetts 210

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