Young bull riders book trips to nationals in Las Vegas

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 10:43 PM MDT
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Young bull riders around the nation have their eyes set on making the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas.

Eight seconds, that's all it takes. Of course, that seems like a short period of time to someone outside the scene. But those are long seconds on top of a bull.

The International Mini Bull Riders Association converged in Shoshone the past couple of nights, a qualifying event for the finals.

These kids all are trying to book a ticket to Sin City, coming up December 5-14.

Some traveled 15 miles, others 1,500 to the Lincoln County Rodeo.

"The adrenaline and the rush you get from riding, no other sport does it."

"It's fun!"

Young Jaxon Miller from Missouri said, "usually the competition isn't against ya, it's the guy against the bull."

Miller added, "we got a bunch of rodeos to get to, there's another major event like this in Grand Rapids, Michigan," Miller added.

"You're a busy boy."

"Ya reckon so."

Buhl's own Wyatt Pearson stayed on his bull and produced a qualifying time out of the long-go for the senior, or the 13 to 14 year-old's.

Wyatt Pearson said, "I'd like to thank Donnie Landis, I got on most of his bulls and Bill's Bill Clarke and yeah."


Super seniors (15-16) Ben Tracey, Idaho Sterling Rogers. Idaho Senior (12-14) Tater Nez. Nevada Trace Redd. Utah Juniors (9-11) Tucker Taylor, Idaho Trey McFarland, Idaho Peewee (6-8) Rosin Mason, Idaho Liam Clouss, Idaho Walk Trott (5 and under) Brody Rogers Idaho Meche Herrera Idaho (female)

The next local qualifier is at the Cassia County Fair on August 15th.

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