****All interviews will be in the Noon Show****

Thank you for requesting an in-studio interview on our Noon Show.  Please fill out the form completely, and at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled event. Once we receive the form we will verify that date is available and send you an email confirmation that you are booked.  Only completed forms will be considered for an interview. 

Please answer questions 10-14 in paragraph form for Closed Captioning purposes. Failure to do so will lead to automatic denial of interivew request. 

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Please remember:

·       Only submission forms completed in their entirety will be considered for an interview.

·       Guests may appear on Noon Show once per event being promoted. 

·       We cannot guarantee you will be granted an interview slot in your top three date/time preferences.

·       During certain times of the year, interviews may be booked out as far as two weeks to a month.

·       If you can’t make the scheduled date please let us know immediately so we can plan accordingly and we cannot guarantee you will be scheduled for a make-up interview.  You can contact us at 208-733-6407 or email us at riseandshine@kmvt.com.  

·       If you arrive late we reserve the right to drop your segment we reserve the right to drop your interview and you will not be scheduled for a make-up interview.

·       We reserve the right to reschedule or drop your interview from the show at any time due to breaking news or other circumstance.

·       When submitting a request please remember these interviews are designed to help promote community events and causes and NOT businesses and organizations.