Sat Jul 20 21:49:47 PDT 2019

Saturday Evening Forecast

Temperatures are going to be the focus of our weather story going into the rest of the weekend. Be sure to stay hydrated and cool as highs will approach the triple digits in some areas by as early as Monday.

Filer junior has legendary basket

Declo and Filer help give a student-athlete with Down syndrome a memorable night.

City of Gooding looks towards the future with community feedback night

The residents of Gooding say they love the strong community feeling, especially all the different groups people can join.

Bruins promote inclusion over exclusion

The Twin Falls Girls Basketball team manager doesn't need a uniform to know she's one of them.

Lions end losing streak

Lighthouse picks up first conference win of the season.

Bruins fall to Bobcats

Burley stays undefeated after crushing Twin Falls on the road.

Manhattan Cafe is oldest cafe in Idaho

The cafe in Shoshone is almost 130 years old.


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