Freon refrigerant to become more expensive as it is phased out

Freon refrigerant to become more expensive as it is phased out

Consumers may be shelling out more money for refrigerant soon, depending on which type they get, because one type will no longer be produced after next year.

Magic Valley Regional Airport Manager discusses taxiway expansion project

Airport Infrastructure grants to benefit airports in Magic Valley and Wood River Valley

Dating on Facebook safely

There's several profiles of online daters the Better Business Bureau warns against when navigating online dating apps and websites.

Underwater cleanup takes place at Dierkes Lake

AWOL Adventure Sports helped lead a clean up effort at Dierkes Lake over the weekend. The event brought those who scuba, kayak, and hike around the lake together to clean up an area they enjoy.

'Welcome to Idaho' sign up for auction

You might recall back in July of this year the ITD took down this sign due to the excessive amount of stickers that were being placed on it by the public and tourists.

Idaho residents flood the capitol building calling on state leaders

Across the country on Friday millions of people were out on the streets demanding leaders to take action on climate change, and the same was happening here in the gem state

Pillar Falls students 'Rock' their education

Students got out of the normal school day routine to learn in new ways.


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