$11.5 million fire bond passes in Ketchum

Thu Nov 07 10:21:23 PST 2019

$11.5 million fire bond passes in Ketchum

The Ketchum Municipal Fire Bond was voted on in Blaine County Tuesday night, determining whether voters were in favor or against the fire department receiving an $11.5 million bond.

Surprising turnout on Memorial Day at the Twin Falls Visitor Center

It was a beautiful Memorial Day in Twin Falls, and the Visitor Center welcomed many locals and tourists for some fun in the sun.

Ceremony honoring Memorial Day held in Richfield

A ceremony was held honoring memorial day in Richfield this morning

North Canyon Medical Center to open clinic in Jerome

The North Canyon Medical Center will be opening a new clinic in Jerome County.

Health Expert gives advice on how to stay fit at home

Many people have taken to working out at home now.

Nat Soo Pah prepares for busy Memorial Day Weekend

Nat Soo Pah prepares for a busy holiday weekend ahead.


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