Gary Eller visits Twin Falls Public Library, telling stories of Idaho women

Fri Feb 14 17:03:02 PST 2020

Gary Eller visits Twin Falls Public Library, telling stories of Idaho women

Gary Eller is a musician and a song writer who has spent his years researching parts of Idaho that are not very well known.

COVID-19 crisis can affect mental health for many

While the COVID-19 pandemic may be causing a lot of job or financial stress, it may also be causing some people to feel isolated and sad.

Southern Idaho schools take on monumental task of moving operations online

School district and charter schools across the state are launching efforts to continue on with the school year following the Idaho State Board of Education's directive for classroom facilities to soft close, until at least April to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Health district explains why COVID-19 case information is limited

Why doesn't the health district say what city confirmed cases of coronavirus is found? How am I supposed to stay safe when they are not telling us where those with the virus have been? These are the questions that have been coming into the KMVT newsroom.

Gooding drive-thru church shows community coming together in times of adversity

The state isolation order currently in place in Idaho has forced many churches like Solid Rock to hold their services online, but not everyone has easy access to internet.

Twin Falls School District issues laptops for distance learning

While school in Idaho have been asked to soft close in Idaho until April 20, schools began distributing laptops and distance learning measures on Monday. The Twin Falls School District issued Google Chromebooks on Monday to students without computers so students can still learn online.

Twin Falls won't turn off water during COVID-19 pandemic

The city of Twin Falls will not be turning off water during the COVID-19 pandemic and is waiving connecting fees. Residents are still encouraged to keep up with their payments. Once the declaration is lifted, the city will be enforcing its policies.


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