KMVT lays out timeline relating to missing Idaho children

Mon Feb 24 16:03:26 PST 2020

KMVT lays out timeline relating to missing Idaho children

The case of two missing Idaho children continues to capture the attention of the nation. As it takes us through a story of murder, marriage and the unknown. KMVT has been there since day one and takes you through the bizarre story in a timeline.

Car dealership owner concerned after seeing a dip in sales

A 30-year-old locally owned car dealership is now concerned for its business after seeing a dip in sales.

Mustard Seeds gives food boxes to families in need

The Mustard Seed Ministries in Twin Falls helps people all year long who struggle to feed or clothe their families.

Trio of Lions sign their NLI's

Casper Block, Tyler Munsee and Logan Stephens will continue their playing career together.

Transgender Bill

Idaho Rep. speaks on fairness in women's sports act

St. Luke's launches 'self-triage' COVID-19

St. Luke's Health System has launched a self-triage tool for people to assess their symptoms if they think they may have COVID-19.


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